Your aluminium needs matter to us.

AluShapes has been producing aluminium extrusions at Somersby, near Gosford on the NSW Central Coast since 1998.


AluShapes started in 1998 with a 1,000mt indirect extrusion press (Press 1) at Somersby on the Central Coast to satisfy a niche in the Australian extrusion market which looked for tighter tolerance extrusions. This approach enabled us to expand our activities across a wide range of extrusion profiles, fabrication and surface finishing and direct retail from our Somersby factory outlet. In 2012, after investing $6m in new plant and buildings, our 1880 ust short stroke direct press (Press 2) commenced production. This press is a major new force on the Sydney extrusion scene, offering rapid order turnaround for high quality extrusions up to 230mm cc.

We continue to grow to satisfy your aluminium needs!

We are privately owned, 100% Australian. Grow with us!



Our in-house extrusion press (1880 ust direct press) offers rapid order turnaround for high quality extrusion from small tight tolerance profiles to large profiles of 230 mm maximum circumscribing circle.


In addition to our Multicam CNC Flatbed Router, we are equipped with a wide range of automatic and manual docking saws for tight tolerance, cut-to-length extrusions.